Reputation and Issue Management in Melbourne

Let EMG be your go-to guide in challenging or uncertain times, with our issues management, reputation management and media training services in Melbourne.

Planning ahead and preparing for the unknown are vital when producing a comprehensive crisis management or issues management plan.

With decades of experience in executing powerful campaigns, EMG will help you navigate through unchartered territory and assist in allowing you to put your best foot forward. Developing a simple communications response plan can avoid an issue becoming a crisis.

Media Training

EMG has the ability to connect you with the experts to master communications with broadcast, print and online media networks, and face the 24-hour news cycle with confidence. Former journalists, media advisers, and public affairs specialists will provide you with one-on-one sessions to cover key management areas identified in your industry.

Reputation Management

Credible and well-respected reputations aren’t built overnight. As a full service PR agency, will keep an eye on any issue that could disrupt or tarnish your business reputation. When dealing with multiple stakeholders, various communication channels and unstable environments, EMG can solve problems, implement crisis management plans and minimise negative exposure. We can identify untapped opportunities for your business to use to its advantage to enhance your reputation.

Issues Management

In today’s interconnected world, one issue can grow and begin to unravel even the most secure and stable of businesses. We understand you need to keep your business running in trying conditions. When emerging issues and change are on the horizon, you’ll need a safe pair of hands. Identifying what’s ahead and managing your best response is what EMG can do. It’s our experience in resolving issues and ensuring smooth transitions that puts EMG ahead of our competitors. We can keep you ahead of the rest, or re-build and sustain trust when the going gets tough. By helping you engage key groups, EMG can assist you in building allies, getting your story heard or staying out of the limelight to support your business objectives.