Professional Media Relations & Brand Activation

At EMG, our strong media relations and brand activation know-how will get your campaign to its destination.

We know that tapping into the conversation and getting the necessary air-time is about strong relationships with the media and knowing which buttons to push and when.

We deliver public relations strategy and campaigns that extend beyond achieving a presence in the media, to making a big impact and engaging with the audience.

Whether it’s achieving regular, prominent and influential media coverage, or coverage in targeted industry publications, EMG will create an active media campaign, positioning you as the expert and your business as leading the charge.

Our seamless approach to brand activation, means we manage all elements of promotions, marketing and digital activities collaboratively.

Media Relations

Connecting with the media is vital to access the public and tap into their decision making to trigger thought and behaviour change. Strategic public relations and media relations can put you in the front seat to steer your brand or organisation towards the winning position. We can help you once you know who you’d like to influence and we can tell you how. AT EMG, if you want to stand out from the crowd or hit your target with a subtle set of messages, we can help you reach your desired audience. EMG knows how to create a media relations campaign that will result in the messaging and opinion shift you need.

Brand Activation

It’s competitive and advertising is no longer enough. At EMG, we understand that a memorable brand activation campaign can deliver business-building results. If you want to introduce your brand to consumers with a bang, EMG can get the wheels in motion. While attitudes and preferences are evolving, we can direct your activation campaign toward the action. If you want to build up, change or enhance a brand’s image, contact EMG. The audience’s relationship with your product can be strengthened with the right campaign, product launch or unique engagement opportunity.