Government Public Relations and Liaison in Melbourne

To raise awareness, join the debate and build better relationships with local, State and Federal Governments, it takes a team of experts.

EMG can handle all your government public relations and government relations services queries to assist you in better understanding the process behind policy and legislation.

We will help you to respond to difficult issues, manage stakeholders and break through government departments, reports and language.

Identifying opportunities for you to shape the outcome and use your position to your advantage, is what we do best.

Our team has experience across all levels of government, covering variety of sectors.

Government Relations Services

People listen and take notice when more than one voice is sharing your side of the story. Be heard and build trusted relationships with government departments, key opinion makers, leaders and organisations. To strengthen your reputation in the political arena, you’ll need advice from experienced government relations consultants. That’s where EMG enters the picture. EMG will fine-tune your government relations strategy and current communications plan to get you in contact with senior bureaucrats and politicians at local, state and federal levels.

When producing professional submissions, applications for funding or access, EMG will help you to source clear evidence to back your case and carefully consider the motivations and interests of other agencies and parties. EMG’s government relations services

Government Public Relations

EMG is capable of creating and delivering public relations campaigns for local, state and federal government departments and agencies. EMG can offer evidence-based research to show the shifts in attitude and perceptions within communities. Informative and educational materials including website design, copy and branding materials are part EMG’s breadth of expertise. We understand the level of accountability and scrutiny that goes into politics and will find the best communication vehicle for you to engage with groups and build a strong reputation for your cause.