Corporate Public Affairs & Strategy Development

When it comes to decision-making and encouraging change, EMG will handle your strategy development to position your organisation’s voice to be heard at the right time.

We understand that successful corporate public affairs strategy delivery means influencing public policy, building and maintaining a strong reputation and connecting with stakeholders.

At EMG, we deliver quality public relations, marketing communications, internal communications and corporate public affairs campaigns to get you maximum results.

Corporate Public Affairs

EMG can monitor issues and deliver strategies to influence outcomes and achieve policy change. We do the research and understand where the other parties stand, in order to form alliances and assist the client in gaining momentum for their cause. With so much change in the current climate, EMG can help you decide what opportunities to utilise and get your story heard. EMG knows how to expand your corporate profile, brand, reputation and goals.

Strategy Development

Whether a client is trying to enter a new market, prepare for a major fundraiser or launch a new product, effective strategy development and narrative development are key ingredients in the campaign mix. It’s the strategy behind a media relations campaign that makes it a successful one. EMG team members have been in the communications and PR agency game for more than 70 years.

Marketing Communications

Positioning and messaging are part of EMG’s integrated approach to marketing communications. EMG offers copy-writing services for a diverse range of clients, from web content, blogs, online news and promotional materials. Let EMG get the promotion piece of your puzzle sorted, to build the best version of your brand or organisation

Internal Communications

Is your business in a state of rapid change, restructure or growth? Or do you want to create change? EMG will help you gain the clarity you need. If it’s internal communications strategy you’re after, EMG can help you connect that dots and ensure you’re able to have your own employees put the plan into practice. EMG will talk you through stakeholders, communication channels, objectives and measurement, aligned with your vision of the future.