The New Hybrid


In tumultuous times, we are a new kind of communication agency based in Melbourne – a hybrid consultancy conceived through the need to provide customers with communications solutions across every communications niche.

We have assembled a specialist team of practitioners with expertise across the entire communications spectrum – above and below the line.

From public relations strategy to political advocacy, media management to mass marketing, brand architecture to thought leadership, we have built legacy positions for clients in every conceivable market.

With a values system steeped in teamwork, trust, authenticity and good humour, we take a strategic approach to creating superlative work that connects you with “your people”.

Whether you are a multinational, a startup or the entrepreneurial empire next door, EMG is the PR agency that knows how to navigate you through the new communications era.



A New Perspective


We bring an entirely new perspective.

Our own public relations agency in Melbourne is our best example.

Within months of starting, our fresh, agile approach made us the engine room for an enviable client family.

That family grows every day.

We bring together seasoned experts – only as you need them, and where you need them.

And we charge a flat “blended” rate for everyone.

Because we are all at the top of our game, and we are all as good as each other – from the Baby Boomer strategy “Svengali” to the Gen Y digital “Whiz Kid”.

We represent the communications agency of the future.

The only difference is, we are here now.

What We Offer – The Complete Suite


Because of the diverse and multi-disciplinary background of our team, EMG offers a fresh perspective on how to solve the communications challenges and PR challenges in your business.

We are a full service communications agency offering a complete suite of communications services including:

Reputation Management;
Strategic Communications;
Corporate Communications;
Media Relations;
Social Media;
Internal/Employee Communications;
Issues and Crisis Management;
Stakeholder Engagement;
Corporate Social Responsibility

The Extended Team (The Squattocracy)


A key point of differentiation is our access to a trusted team of partners who are “joined at the hip” and call our headquarters home. This extended team, the “squattocracy” as we like to call them, can deliver broader digital and creative solutions which includes:

Web Design and Development;
Brand Development;
Graphic Design;

Expertise: From Big and Small to Those in Need


With experience across the entire communications sphere, EMG has the knowledge and the skills to make your specialist business reach its ultimate potential.

Our team have experience with a capital ‘E’. From many-tentacled major multinationals to incubator start-ups poised for world domination, we’ve been there because we’ve done it ourselves.

Our corporate clients span the world’s most revered – banking, finance, education, insurance, automotive, IT as well as health and beauty, food, fashion and the arts.

We work across Federal and State governments, their advisory bodies and civic and community jurisdictions. We know the corridors, the back-rooms and the people behind the people.

Our media networks are enviable (just drop by on a Friday night and see who’s here) and our contact list is impeccable. And we are happy to share it with you….

We delight in helping non-for-profits deliver to the dispossessed and the disenfranchised because some people don’t have a voice – but we do.

From the Red Cross to Anglicare, the World Wildlife Fund to Beyond Blue, we fight for those who slip through the cracks.

It’s PR with RP (real people).

This is EMG.